Shopping in Malta

Shopping in Malta

Dear Friends,

As the Concierge of the Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay, I am often asked for recommendations of what to do in Malta. If guests fancy a day of sightseeing, I would recommend a trip to Valletta or Mdina. If sun-worshipping is more their thing, I would recommend a visit to the North of the island and a day of lounging on the beaches. But if you want to shop until you drop, then I would have a different list of landmarks altogether!

As a Concierge, I have to keep up to date with all the latest happenings in Malta and, as my daughters love to shop, I get insider tips on all the ‘hip’ and ‘popular’ places to shop. Because they have been kind enough to share their ‘shopping knowledge’ with me, I can now share it with you. They regularly go to Sliema and spend the day buying clothes, shoes and jewelry from a wide range of popular chain stores including Zara and Desigual. For those of you who prefer to sit down and let someone else do the shopping (like me), there are plenty of nice cafes and restaurants where you can relax and enjoy a nice meal or drink.

If the weather happens to be cloudy, which rarely happens, Malta has numerous shopping malls to offer. The Point Mall, in Sliema, is the biggest with a large variety of brands and restaurants located there. There is also the possibility to do some good shopping at Baystreet, in Paceville, just a 5 minute walk away from the hotel.

When going to Valletta for the day, there is also a great opportunity to do some shopping there. Republic Street is the place to be in Valletta with many famous shops setting up in our beautiful Capital. Shopping in Valletta is a great way of visiting your favourite stores, buying some great gifts and immersing yourself in a wonderful UNESCO World Heritage City. This is a great way to combine a historic afternoon with a little shopping.

If you have any further questions about shopping places in Malta, please feel free to contact me via this link. If I don’t know the answer, I am sure my wife will!

Until next time!

Robert Vella – Head Concierge

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