Packing for a Mediterranean Holiday

Packing for a Mediterranean Holiday

Dear Readers,

Yes, we all love going on holidays and we all get those butterflies in our stomach the night before our travels. Unfortunately, packing is one of the things we have to do before leaving. As far as I heard and read, few people like to pack, even fewer know actually what to pack and this usually leads to the tendency to over-pack.

Packing for a holiday in the Mediterranean may seem straightforward: swimwear, flip-flops, sunglasses and you’re pretty much set. Well, don’t be too sure about that – I am going to give you some must forget-me-not items that will be essential on your holiday.

During the summer months, it gets incredibly hot so it is definitely wise to pack for sun and sea adventures, but it is important not to forget some other keys things. You may need a light scarf if you plan on visiting churches as you are sometimes required to cover your shoulders, and if you’re an avid walker, you should definitely pack your walking shoes as there are some beautiful walking paths waiting to be discovered.

Even though we live in the Mediterranean, winters can still be quite chilly. No, we don’t get snow and our winters are still some of the warmest around but it’s important to have a jacket with you when visiting in the winter months.

The key to not over doing it, is to pack things that can mix and match. Do you really need 4 pairs of sunglasses or 6 pairs of shoes? Probably not and by leaving room in your suitcase, you have the possibility to bring back a few souvenirs! Always make a list before you start packing, that way you know exactly what you need.

Another tip, for all the smartphone users out there, is to look for certain apps about your holiday destination. Nowadays, there are lots of apps that give you access to all sorts of information: what is the best pizza place in the area you’re staying, which museum is worth visiting or even where is the best place to watch the sunset, to name a few examples. All these tips will make your holiday that little more special.

If you’re looking for some useful apps before visiting our beautiful island please click here: Malta Recommend Apps

So get downloading, get packing and most of all get ready to have fun!

See you next time,

Robert Vella – Head Concierge

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